Various types of walking shoes’ insoles

There are many different insoles. We share them for convenience into three groups:

  1. Standard insoles
  2. Orthopedic insoles
  3. Corrective insoles

1. Standard insoles

Standard insoles are the soles that you find when purchasing your walking shoes [Buy best walking shoes for your feet] . This will never be corrective insoles, but at least they offer some comfort.

These have mainly the function to fill the space inside the shoe and is the layer between your foot and the hard plastic insole (the layer under the insole) of the shoe. They offer no support.


Need more comfort in your shoes? Then you can consider to buy other insoles for your shoes. If you have already customized soles you can also use natural.

There are many types of soles and it is your personal choice which provides the most pleasant experience. If you have enough with the standard insoles, make sure you replace them regularly in your shoes. There come the time they become hard and dirty. For most walking shoes you can buy replacement pads.

Standard insoles are anywhere between € 10.00 and € 15.00 charge

2. Orthopedic insoles

With orthopedic insoles we mean the soles are usually made for you by a podiatrist or chiropodist. Most of these pads can also be used in your shoes but not all. It has to fit in your shoe soles. That is to say that they are not too thick, too big, may be too small or too wide. Often your soles are made for use in your regular shoes. These are usually one size smaller than your walking shoes.


Do you have customized insoles? Take it always with you so that you can measure whether these pads are fit into the walking shoes. Pay attention at the following:

  • They should be straight or lie flat in the shoe
  • Have the right size, not too big and not too small
  • Your heel should not slip, otherwise perhaps the insole is too thick

Try different walking shoes because not every shoe is the same. It can be easier if you choose lose custom insoles in the same brand with your shoes than in the other brand.

Depending on your insurance these soles are sometimes (partly) reimbursed. Costs range from € 130, and € 180

3. Stabilizing Insoles (corrective insoles)


Stabilizing insoles are “standard” insoles put your feet in a neutral position. They do not over-correct, for this is the tailor-made soles of a podiatrist or a chiropodist. As the stabilizing soles put your feet in a neutral position, they help to roll your foot in a natural way. But they also provide more cushioning for your joints and far more comfort than standard insoles. Additionally, you will find much more stability in these corrective insoles while walking what you will experience as very pleasant.

Price of a few good stabilizing soles is around € 49

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