Buy best walking shoes for your feet

People, who like to walk, requires qualitative and comfortable walking shoes [Waterproof shoes and how to recognize a good walking shoe – Part 2] that fit well on the feet. Go buy new walking shoes? it is important to think carefully what you will use the shoes. To walk on flat areas, walking shoes are not necessary like for a mountain trek, where you may walk above the tree line and glaciers cross. Some tips to buy the best walking shoes!

Which category buy hiking boots?

Hiking boots are divided into four categories: A, B, C and D. This division is proceeding according to the flexibility of the shoe.

  • Category A: These are light, flexible walking shoes suitable for walking on flat terrain. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Category B: these are mid-to-high shoes for trekking in the Alps or the Ardennes, but are also suitable for short hikes and walks with a backpack.
  • Category C: These are high shoes for heavier pedestrian work. These walking shoes have a more solid sole and are suitable for a heavier ground. Even multi-day treks with a heavy backpack, you should choose this type of walking shoes.
  • Category D: these are high, very rigid climbing shoes which you can attach crampons. These shoes are ideal to climb really high mountains along. The soles are not flexible and generally too stiff to make a comfortable walk, but are therefore very useful for rocks, boulders, ice and glaciers.

Most hikers who go for a several days walk with a heavy backpack and also make a shorter walk, choose walking shoes Category B or C.

Gore-Tex walking shoes

Gore-Tex is a water and wind resistant material. It has tiny pores through which water can not enter, but can sweat it out so your feet can breathe well. However, remember that a good non-waterproof shoe still breathes better. Therefore only choose Gore-Tex hiking shoes waterproof shoes if you actually need for example walking in cold areas with lots of rain and snow. In hot, dry areas and places with high humidity, you better choose non-waterproof shoes.

Walking shoes buying tips

Fitting walking shoes

If you are going to buy walking shoes, it is very important to choose the right shoes. Therefore it is necessary to fit your shoes before you buy them. Always try on with socks that you will wear with your walking shoes. In addition, please note that your walking shoes can not be too narrow or too wide, too big or small to purchase. Remember that your feet swell when walking. Usually, your shoes are advised to buy one size larger than your normal shoe size. You still need a finger behind your foot may stabbed when you’re wearing the walking shoes.

Once you have found the perfect pair of walking shoes, they should be used. Let your feet therefore walk at home to acclimate to your new shoes, or take it easy at the first walk.

Maintain walking shoes

Qualitative walking shoes cost a huge sum of money, so you should maintain them pretty well so they will last. Some tips for you to maintain good walking shoes:

  • Wash your walking shoes: Never use hot water.
  • Remove the worst of mud and dirt with a soft brush
  • To dry your shoes, take out the insoles in the shoe and it takes you some scrunched up newspaper. Never dry your shoes for heating, which is bad for the leather.
  • Lubricate the leather regularly with leather grease, so that the leather is supple and waterproof.
  • Put your walking shoes always in a dry area.
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